TRASH writer: Gwendolyn Rice

Gwendolyn RiceGwendolyn is a professional writer and playwright returning to LILA for TRASH after her work appeared last season in The Suitcase Dreams. She holds an MA in Theater Literature, History, and Criticism from UW-Madison, and a BA in English and Theater from the University of Iowa. She has worked in marketing, communications, and fundraising for a variety of non-profit arts organizations including Forward Theater Company, First Stage Milwaukee, the Friends of the Coronado, and the Rockford Symphony Orchestra–and we’re lucky to have her support in these areas here at LILA too. Gwen has also had full-length plays, readings, and monologues produced on the East Coast and throughout the Midwest, at theaters such as Shakespeare & Co., Forward Theater Company, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Metropolis Performing Arts Center, First Stage Milwaukee, Riverside Theater, Barrington Stage Company, Polarity Ensemble, Edenfred Artists’ Retreat, and Rock Valley College. She has also won several awards for short fiction.

Mara McGhee in Rice's Sad News Blues

Mara McGhee in Rice’s Sad News Blues

Five Questions for Gwen…

What inspired you to write for LILA’s TRASH?

Both of my pieces are based on true stories of loss. They both hit me really hard — such a waste of lives and talent.

What will you NEVER throw away?

My outdated music collection. I have a bunch of my parents’ records from the 1960s (including Beatles ’64) and some mix-tapes from college that I just can’t part with — even though I no longer have the technology to play them!

What’s the one thing you’ve thrown away that you wish you hadn’t?

I threw away a really good recipe for sugar cookies when I was in the middle of moving once. And now, it’s like a curse. I’ve never found a recipe as good as that one.

Is there something you really need to throw away but won’t?

There’s a box of old t-shirts from high school that I can’t throw away — they contain such great memories. But I know I’ll never wear the shirts again.
If you had to live with just five material possessions, what would they be?
-super cool notebooks and pens
-my cookbook
-my iphone
-a great pair of shoes
-the bracelet made of typewriter keys that my husband gave me


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