TRASH Writer: James Caputo

imageJames Caputo lives in San Diego, California and his writing has been awarded numerous times, including in the Ashland Oregon New Play Competion, the Theatre Oxford Competition, and the New York Public Television Competion. For LILA, Caputo submitted a short piece called Alfred & Eloise, which was quickly put at the top of our list for inclusion in TRASH. We liked the piece so much, how Caputo wrote his characters and interpreted our theme, that we asked him to write more in order to expand the characters storyline and give them a larger home in the overall work. He obliged us wonderfully, and we are fortunate to have Michael Herold and Laura Gordon bring Caputo’s characters to life.

Michael Herold and Laura Gordon in Jame Caputo's Alfred & Eloise.

Michael Herold and Laura Gordon in Jame Caputo’s Alfred & Eloise.

We recently asked Caputo to answer five (somewhat) silly questions for us….

Five Questions for James Caputo

What inspired you to write Alfred & Eloise?

It is time to recognize that the homeless are not stupid, lazy or uneducated. There but for the grace of God, go we.

What will you NEVER throw away?

My Macbook.

What’s the one thing you’ve thrown away that you wish you hadn’t?


Is there something you really need to throw away but won’t?

That damn email program.
If you had to live with just five material possessions, what would they be?

Family photo album, a poetry anthology, a ball point pen, a composition book and a ukulele.


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